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Sun Solaris Sparc UNIX computers

Sun-Solaris Support Services

LOD Consulting offers a wide variety of Sun-Solaris, SunOS support and administration services ranging from single per incident projects to enterprise class administration and outsourcing in Sun/Solaris server and network management.

We possess in-depth experience working with all Solaris releases ranging from Solaris 2.5.1 to Solaris Release 10.

LOD has extensive experience with all Sun Hardware including: Blade, Netra, Ultra, E1000/2000, Storage and Clustering solutions. We have been working with, and solving all types of UNIX related problems on Sun platforms, and UNIX related software for more than 10 years.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and to utilize our experts for any Sun-related needs you or your organization may require.

Sun System Administration

LOD Consulting provides expert solutions for all your Linux system administration needs, including:

Remote server administration
Co-located/remote hosted server management
System troubleshooting & debugging
Network management (LAN/WAN)
Disaster recovery
Security auditing & hardening
Software installation & configuration
File & directory services, NFS
Kernel rebuilds & module management
Backup planning & implementation
Perl-Shell-CGI-system scripting
Performance tuning
Emergency support (24/7)

Internet Support & Management

Apache WWW server, SSL, PHP, CGI
Sql, MySql, Oracle install & managment
Sendmail, Qmail, VpopMail, POP, IMAP
DNS-BIND (Bind8, Bind9, Balancing)
FTP, Virtual FTP servers (Proftp, WU)
Load Balancing/Clustering
Anti-Spam, Anti-Relay SPEWS-ORBS
IPtables-IPchains configure and tuning
SAMBA deployment & configuration
DHCP & TCP/IP Management
IP Masquerading & NAT
LPR & Print services

Security & Firewall

Security auditing & updating
Linux router firewall design-configuration
IPtables-IPchains configure and tuning
Network security auditing & hardening
Security alert and upgrade management
Disaster & compromise recovery
Data & colocation center auditing
TCP wrapper & PortSentry

Local and Wide Area Network

T1-T3-WAN procurement & installation
LAN design & deployment
ISDN Frame-Relay, cable integration
Router firewall integration
Ethernet, wireless (802.11b)
LAN-WAN diagnostics & debugging

Sun UNIX servers
LOD consultants are experts in setting up and providing ongoing system administration and maintenance for the complete
line of quality Sun servers

LOD Consulting can assist you in finding the best Sun-Solaris solution for your business. Contact us so we can provide you a quote.  Contact LOD Consulting

About the Solaris OS

The #1 enterprise-class UNIX OS, the Solaris Operating System for SPARCŪ, x86 and AMD Opteron systems redefines the operating system as a services platform by combining traditional OS functionality with application services and identity management.

The Solaris OS can deliver the security, manageability and performance that IT professionals need to help increase service levels and decrease costs and risk. Solaris x86 systems has gained rapid industry momentum over the past year, with more than 850,000 registered licenses to date and more than 900 solutions available for Solaris9 x86 through approximately 600 ISVs.