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Internet, Network, UNIX security services

Internet Security Consulting

UNIX and Network Security Services

LOD provides a full range of UNIX Internet server and network security services, including security assessments, vulnerability and penetration testing, patching and securing individual systems, overall network security planning, incident response, and disaster recovery.

We have extensive experience with installation and configuration of firewalls, and can provide annual security support contracts which insure that system security issues are being continuously addressed.

Network Security & Firewall

LOD can provide you with assistance in adopting local and Internet-wide UNIX system security measures. We will survey your existing UNIX installation for known security weaknesses, and apply corrective measures. We can also install and configure many of the available security packages, such as:

Security auditing & updating
Linux router firewall design-configuration
IPtables-IPchains configure and tuning
Network security auditing & hardening
Security alert and upgrade management
Disaster & compromise recovery
Data & colocation center auditing
TCP wrapper & PortSentry

LOD Consulting maintains a secure environment for your UNIX network system
LOD provides you with the confidence that your network is safe and secure.

Don't hesitate to contact us for any of your Internet or UNIX network security needs.  Contact LOD Consulting