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Asterisk Consulting

LOD offers Asterisk consulting services for a wide variety of VoIP, Call Center, and other business Telephony needs. From small businesses, to large corporations, LOD's decades-long experience ensures that our clients receive the optimum in Asterisk design, setup, and service.

Asterisk ConsultingLOD provides expert installation and technical support services for the powerful Asterisk open source telephony engine.

LOD Consulting provides high-volume VoIP and Asterisk support, troubleshooting, administration and management services nationwide.

24/7 Asterisk Support Contracts

With an LOD support contract, response to your needs are guaranteed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If your system needs attention at any time of the day or night, your LOD support contract ensures a quick, professional response.

With an LOD Communications Asterisk Support Contract, you can ensure that your telecommunications needs are completely supported by a hands on, experienced team of Asterisk professionals. For more information on how LOD can reliably support your Asterisk systems, please contact or call 800-959-6641.

Why Our Clients Prefer Asterisk

Turnkey PBX planning, upgrading, deployment
Open source system provides more flexibility
Lower setup costs and implementation
Faster expansion for multiple installations
IVR Programming for multiple businesses
Complete Asterisk customization services

Expert Support Services Include:

LOD Consulting provides expert Asterisk solutions as an economical VoIP gateway for all of your communication needs, including:

Custom Call Centers and Queue Deployment
(small, medium, and large-scale multi-office)
Asterisk Design Services
VoIP Integration Services
Asterisk Clustering
Custom API and CRM Integration
Advanced Scripting and Dialplan Programming
Automated Call Systems; Conferencing
Asterisk Realtime Integration
Response Carrier Grade Support
Automated Call Systems; Conferencing
IVR Service and Development
Custom Scripting
OpenSER integration
Custom Application Development
Custom Queue Systems
800 Numbers
Voicemail Systems
Conference Systems
Inbound and Outbound
Click to Dial Applications
Conference Systems
Call Monitoring and Recording
Basic Office Integration
Database Integration
(Microsoft, MySQL, SQL, Postgres,ODBC, etc.)
Calling Card Systems
Mobile VoIP
Asterisk Hosting
Remote Server Administration
Co-located Host Server Management
Asterisk Hosting at LOD's Data Center
Load-balanced Asterisk Servers
T1/PRI Gateways
System Troubleshooting & Debugging
Software Installation & Configuration
Backup Planning & Implementation
Asterisk Help Line (24/7)
Emergency Support & Recovery(24/7)

LOD provides Asterisk consulting
LOD provides Asterisk support, setup, and VoIP PBX deployment services

Asterisk Technical Support

LOD provides expert Asterisk Support and Consultation with installation, deployment, troubleshooting, and optimization.

From call center operations to small business deployment, experienced LOD engineers support all versions of Asterisk.

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About Asterisk

Asterisk is the world's leading open source telephony engine.

Asterisk empowers communications with it's flexibility. Whether working as a simple office telephone system, a robust multi-location Call Center platform - or anything in-between - Asterisk provides all of the advanced features you need at a fraction of the cost of competitive systems.

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