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Unless you lease an expensive 'managed server' package, typical dedicated web hosting consists of leasing an Intel or AMD computer connected to a high-speed Internet backbone.  LOD Consulting can provide all the OS and software setup, and system administration for all your dedicated hosting needs.

The cost to set up your own dedicated server is quite low.  A basic UNIX server setup with Linux, Apache, and SendMail installed is usually under $200.

From initial setup - to ongoing administration and maintenance - LOD consultants can securely handle all your server requirements remotely - and for a fraction of the cost of managed host programs.

After your dedicated server is configured, you can add dozens - or hundreds - of additional domains on the same server. [You are only limited by by the amount of bandwidth utilized].

The cost for leasing a dedicated UNIX server (Dual Intel Xeon 2.4 GHZ) with monthly bandwidth of 100 GB runs about $200 per month.

For companies that have their own IT department, LOD's 14 years of experience is a tremendous resource to assist your own personnel in developing solutions that save both time and money.

Cheap $19.95 virtual hosting accounts often means your website is shared with literally thousands of other sites on the same server. If many of these sites are getting considerable traffic, your site will slow down to a crawl.

Having your own dedicated server eliminates this problem by keeping your own website(s) on your own super-fast server.

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Dedicated Web Hosting

UNIX Web Server Consulting

LOD can install & configure any of the various World Wide Web server packages such as: NCSA, CERN & Apache - enabling you and your company to become a presence on the World Wide Web.

We can also install & configure WWW virtual domain servers on your own server, enabling your system to provide a variety of virtual domains on your dedicated server.

We are fully experienced in installing, configuring and operating Apache based SSL (secure) servers and are partners with THAWTE certification services.

We can setup and configure your SSL based WWW server, and assist you in obtaining a Trusted SSL certificate, enabling you and your customers to utilize credit card transactions securely over your website.

WWW Dedicated Server Setup

We can provide turn-key setup, administration, and management services for your own dedicated UNIX server. This includes the installation of Linux, Apache, DNS Bind (for your server IP address), FTP, and load and configure a variety of popular programs such as mySQL, PHP, CGI, and SSL secure server.

LOD also provides configuration for both SMTP & UUCP based E-Mail service utilizing the latest Sendmail, Qmail and/or Taylor UUCP packages. Local UNIX E-Mail client configuration including Elm, Pine & Netscape mail readers. We can Also provide POP & IMAP Mail server configuration enabling PC users to utilize popular off-line E-Mail packages

We are experienced in installing and configuring a wide variety of web server programs, including:

Linux, RedHat  More Information on Linux
NCSA, CERN or Apache
Sendmail & Qmail Installations & upgrades
Sendmail/Qmail security and relay support
Virtual POP/Mail configuration
ORBS Anti-Relay repair & Upgrades
SPEWS, OsirusSoft resolution
Configuration file ( rebuilds
Sendmail security Enhancements and patches
Virtual E-Mail domain setup and configurations
SMTP, UUCP, POP, MS Mail, IMAP Gateway
Anti-Spam & Anti Relay Enhancements
TCP Wrapper & Firewall Mail integration
mySQL enabled server extensions
PHP3/PHP4/Zend Apache modules
Microsoft FrontPage server extensions
SSL Secure server
Confure additional virtual domains
CGI-SSI server side integration
Remote Management of dedicated servers

DNS BIND Installation

Installation and setup of DNS-BIND name serving software, including basic and advanced DNS features such as virtual WWW & E-mail domains.

DNS-BIND allows you to use your own NS1.YOURDOMAIN.NET for the server listing used by WHOIS, rather than a hosting company.

LOD is fully experienced with Bind8, Bind9, Load balancing and redundant Nameserving configurations.

We can file all appropriate forms and applications with the Internic, enabling you to be online and fully operational in the shortest possible time. We can also offer primary & secondary DNS Hosting servers on our own Sun network.

LOD Consulting maintains servers so the CEO can focus on business
"I switched from virtual to dedicated hosting - and never looked back."

Hosting Options

Dedicated Servers.  A dedicated server is one which you lease from any one of a variety of hosting companies for your exclusive use, or, if you have a high-speed Internet connection in your area, a UNIX server can be installed right in your home or office.  LOD Consulting offers remote system administration services for virtually any dedicated UNIX server located anywhere in the world.

LOD Consulting can assist you in finding a quality dedicated hosting company that is connected to a super-fast backbone connection to the Internet, to insure a hassle-free, no-worry solution for your high-end server needs.

Colocated Servers.  A colocated server is one which you own and locate at a hosting company that provides direct access to a major Internet backbone connection. This may either be a server you already own and ship to the hosting company, or one which is purchased from them directly.  In either case, complete system administration can be handled remotely by LOD Consulting.

LOD Consulting can assist you in finding the best dedicated hosting solution that combines a super-fast backbone connection - at the most efficient cost.  Contact LOD Consulting

Internet Security

LOD Consulting also provides the latest Internet security protection for every server it sets up, and can survey your existing UNIX installation to determine any security weaknesses, and apply the appropriate corrective measures to eliminate any breaches to your system.  Also see Internet SecurityMore Information on Linux

Also See Unix Consulting for a complete list of LOD Consulting services, including UNIX server installation, software setup, and network router services.  More Information on Linux