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MySQL Server, Database, Clustering and Load Balancing

MySQL ConsultingLOD Consulting Group brings you over ten years of experience providing high quality MySQL database server administration and consulting support services. We are experts in MySQL server design, MySQL Cluster implementation, tuning and deployment, MySQL server load balancing and High-reliability, Fault tolerant system design on all Platforms, including Sun/Solaris, FreeBSD, Linux and others

LOD is thoroughly experienced in Design, configuration, deployment and troubleshooting true MySQL Cluster/High Availability environments. LOD brings you many hundereds of hours real-time experience with LAMP - Linux, Apache, MySQl & PHP intergration.

An excellent Tutorial/HowTo on setting up, configuring and administering MySQL clusters can be found Here.

We are MySQL experts

LOD consultants are Experts in MySQL Clustering, and MySQL Database systems. We possess extensive experience in troubleshooting and solving all manner of difficult and challenging MySQL Databse and network server related problems.

MySQL Server Architecture/Design

LOD can review and analyse your current database needs and recommend and design a MySQL implementation that not only meets your current needs but also allows for future scalability in any manner of deployment.

MySQL Optimization & Tuning

We can provide full support in fine tuning your Hosting server, including kernel optimization, hardware recommendations and MySQL configuration tuning.

MySQL Cluster and Replication

  • Cluster Server design, implement & deploy
  • Critical, High availability server design
  • Load Balancing and replication solutions
  • Fail-Over Cluster, Load balanced implemantations
  • Distributed Cluster & Replicated systems
  • MySQL Cluster Diagnostics & Debugging

Server Administration & Management

  • Disaster Recovery/Incident response
  • Full or Partime Support Contracts
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Full service secure remote administration
  • Managed Backup Solutions
  • Apache, PHP Integration, design, Setup

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MySQL Troubleshooting

LOD Can pinpoint and identify MySQL server performance, speed and capacity problems and recommend and/or implement solutions without disturbance to your production servers.

MySQL Cluster ConsultingWe are fully experienced in all aspects of MySQL server design, implementation, deployment and management. We have 100's of hours of real-world experience and have worked with small single server applications, all the way up to fortune 500 companies with clustered server farms. We will happily supply any prospective client with a list of references.

LOD Group specializes in providing remote support, troubleshooting, administration and management services nationwide. We also provide expert on-site Unix, Solaris, Linux and Cisco support in New York City, Connecticut, Boston and surrounding areas dispatched out of our East coast office. Portland and Salem Oregon, Seattle and Spokane Washington Dispatched out of our West coast office.

LOD Consulting can assist you in finding the best UNIX based MySQL solution for your business. Contact us so we can provide you a quote.

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We take the mystery out of setting up and administering complex UNIX networks and/or dedicated web servers. We are experts in the areas of UNIX system design, administration and maintenance, which assures quick and hassle-free implementation of your objectives. » Read More


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