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Cisco Routers

Cisco Consulting

Cisco & Network Support Services

LOD Consulting Group brings over ten years of experience providing high quality Cisco router support plans for companies and individuals, and are experts in Cisco Router/Switch setup, configuration and management. We are fully experienced in deployment, setup and troubleshooting Cisco PIX firewalls, and setup/configurations of Cisco VPN & PIX VPN network installations and management.

We are thoroughly experienced in implementing, configuring and troubleshooting Cisco VoIP networks and routers.

We possess extensive experience in troubleshooting and solving all manner of difficult and challenging router and network related problems.

Experienced with Cisco-PIX, and Cisco-VPN firewall devices, including: 501, 506, 506e, 515, 515e, 525, 525, and Pix VPN.

We routinely handle complex DS0, DS1/T1, DS3/T3, OC-3 using PPP, HDLC, SMDS, 10/100 Lan, Load Balancing, ACL management configurations, VoIP, and also provide expert service on Cisco 1600, 1700, 2500, 2600, 3600, 3700, 4000, 7100, 7200, 7400, 7500 series routers, Cisco 1900, 2900, 2950, 3500, 4000 series switches, and Cisco PIX series.

Cisco and Network Administration

Remote Router administration & mgmt.
Site Evaluation & Design.
System Troubleshooting & Debugging
Network Management (LAN/WAN)
Disaster recovery
Security Auditing & Hardening
Software Installation & Config
Router OS Updates management
Performance tuning
Emergency support (24/7)

Security & Firewall

Cisco VPN, PIX VPN setup and configurations.
Security Auditing & Updating
Cisco ACL & Firewall rulesets
Router Firewall design/configure
Network security auditing & Hardening
Security alert and upgrade management
Disaster & Compromise recovery
Data & Colocation center auditing

Application Support & Management

WAN Load Balancing & Redundancy
LAN Routing optimization
NAT/Masquerading configure
Load Balancing/Switch optimization
DHCP & TCP/IP Management
Interface with Backone providers

Local and Wide Area Network

T1/T3/WAN Procurement & install
LAN Design & Deployment
ISDN/Frame-Relay/Cable integration
Router/Firewall integration
Ethernet, Wireless (802.11b)
LAN/WAN Diagnostics & Debugging

LOD Consultants are experts in Cisco routers
LOD consultants are experts in all models of Cisco and other major router/switch systems.

Network Router Services

Configuration and troubleshooting of Cisco, Livingston, Nortel, Lucent, Bay-Networks and all major brands of routing hardware.

Expert in T1, T3, OCx, DSx procurement, design, setup and CSU-DSU configuration.

Cisco Router ConsultingFully experienced in ip routing, Subnetting, Bandwidth quenching and TCP Traffic Shaping. We have years of experience providing point to point WAN installations & configurations, and have worked with all the major Backbone internet providers such as MCI Worldcom, AT&T, BBN, Sprint, XO, and Level3.

LOD Group specializes in providing remote support, troubleshooting, administration and management services nationwide. We also provide expert on-site Unix, Solaris, Linux and Cisco support in New York City, Connecticut, Boston and surrounding areas dispatched out of our East coast office. Portland and Salem Oregon, Seattle and Spokane Washington Dispatched out of our West coast office.

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