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E-Mail Network Support Services

LOD Consulting Group brings over ten years of experience providing high quality Design, implenentation and management of Unix Based E-Mail servers, gateways and clients. We we have extensive experience with virtually all of the major mail transport agents and daemons such as Postfix, Sendmail, Qmail, and Exim. LOD can spec, design and deploy Any sized E-mail system from a single server based SOHO implementation, to a large multi-server, load balanced Enterprise level solution. We are experts in all levels of Deployment, Migration, Support, troubleshooting, debugging and managing all of the popular E-Mail server packages.

We are thoroughly experienced in implementing, configuring and intergating Anti-Spam, and Anti-Virus filtering including: SpamAssassin, OpenAV, ClamAV, BrightMail, Sophos, and Amavis and others.

We possess extensive experience in troubleshooting and solving all manner of difficult and challenging E-Mail server, and network related problems. Let our experts assist you in migrating from your current server implementation to a reliable, rock-solid UNIX based solution.

Unix/Linux E-mail Server and E-Mail Network Administration

  • Sendmail/Sendmail-Milter
  • Postfix, Virtual Postfix
  • Qmail, vpopmail
  • Exim, Vexim
  • procmail
  • Emergency support (24/7))

Anti-Spam, Anti Virus Integration

  • SpamAssassin, Spamd integration
  • OpenAV, ClamAV, Brightmail Anti-Virus
  • Brightmail (Solaris/Linux) integration
  • Sophos sweep, Sophos anti-virus
  • Amavis, Amavisd, Amavisd-new
  • RBL Blackhole (ORBS, SPEWS, Etc.)
  • Kaspersky Lab AVP
  • Content filtering (qscan, defang, Anomy)
  • F-Secure, F-Prot

Security, relaying, authenticated relay

  • Security Auditing & Updating
  • SASL & Authenticated relay
  • POP-Before-SMTP relay
  • Mail Network security auditing & Hardening
  • ORBS/Spews resolution
  • Disaster & Compromise recovery
  • Data & Colocation center auditing

E-Mail Application Support & Management

  • Mail Server Load Balancing & Redundancy
  • E-mail Server Design, setup and integration
  • High-reliability server configuration
  • Migration from Windows based implementations
  • Mail gateway, anti-spam/virus gateways

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Networking & Hardware

Configuration and troubleshooting of E-Mail server implementations on all of the UNIX platforms, including: FreeBSD, Solaris, Linux, SCO, AIX, HP/UX, IRIX and virtually all other unix flavors.

Cisco Router ConsultingFully experienced in ip routing, Subnetting, Bandwidth quenching and TCP Traffic Shaping. We have years of experience providing point to point WAN installations & configurations, and have worked with all the major Backbone internet providers such as MCI Worldcom, AT&T, BBN, Sprint, XO, and Level3.

LOD Group specializes in providing remote support, troubleshooting, administration and management services nationwide. We also provide expert on-site Unix, Solaris, Linux and Cisco support in New York City, Connecticut, Boston and surrounding areas dispatched out of our East coast office. Portland and Salem Oregon, Seattle and Spokane Washington Dispatched out of our West coast office.

LOD Consulting can assist you in finding the best UNIX solution for your business. Contact us so we can provide you a quote.

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We take the mystery out of setting up and administering complex UNIX networks and/or dedicated web servers. We are experts in the areas of UNIX system design, administration and maintenance, which assures quick and hassle-free implementation of your objectives. » Read More


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